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A visually-immersive experience unto itself, guests of this luxe cocktail reception were transported to a modern-day aristocratic gathering resplendent in color + texture.  A stylized interpretation of 18th century chinoiserie, thematic details evoke old world glamour with opulence + grandeur. 

Anchoring the room, mirror-studded bars framed in distressed wood juxtapose contemporary rose-gold bookcases, a study in brilliant contrast.  Nearby, an exquisite chandelier tabletop is adorned with lantern antiquities + striking manzanita branches from which crystal strands, freshly-cut flowers + vividly-blue peacocks hang; a tableau of the Chinese-influenced chinoiserie textiles.  Beyond the vignette, three lit platform stages play host to modern string musicians, their hauntingly-beautiful harmonies an audible realization of the dramatic display.  Chandeliers hang above this scene in perfect symmetry, the Rococo gilding of their silhouettes dancing across the reflective surfaces of mirror + crystal.  To encourage photo opportunities among guests, an 8’ wall was adorned in live reindeer moss, jewel-toned blooms, manzanita branches + ornamental peacocks.

Furniture groupings sit atop boldly-patterned floral rugs + pair emerald green velvet sofas with regal wood + linen club chairs.  Plush leopard-print pillows + lacquered coffee tables trimmed in rose gold are the completing accents.  Assorted cocktail tables present moody, floral-patterned linen + rose-tinted metallic furniture pieces, the latter selected for their sculptural resemblance to the ornate bird cages often illustrated in chinoiserie.  In keeping with an event theme which features botanicals so prominently, the finest-quality blooms were sourced for table-top compositions.  Stunning berry-hued garden roses, calla lilies, cymbidium orchids + ranunculus overflowed antique mercury glass compotes + smoked mirror boxes throughout the room.





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