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2-26-2020-TDM-Desert Foothills-005.jpg


Desert + disco converge beneath clouds of pampas plumes, painted palm + tinsel trim.

2-26-2020-TDM-Desert Foothills-020.jpg

A remote Western site played host to a prismatic spectacle of color + the festival folly of 300 guests. The quintessentially-cowboy space offered an unexpected canvas to juxtapose the rugged + radical.

Impactful moments included an 18’ Ferris wheel, bohemian teepee lounge + custom neons. Guests sipped cocktails fireside while lounging on Moroccan poufs + alcapulco chairs.

As the sun set, the barn doors shut + DJ amplified to invite a raucous desert dance party a-la Sonoran Studio54.

2-26-2020-TDM-Desert Foothills-071.jpg
2-26-2020-TDM-Desert Foothills-009.jpg
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