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The directive: to distinguish six distinct, corresponding identities + experiential micro-concepts within the event as a whole, while conveying intention, continuity + stimulating attendee engagement. 

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As the program's umbrella theme, guests would have already encountered "RE" through their meeting content by the time they arrived to this closing dinner. Activating these RE words into individual concepts meant exploring how each could be interpreted in the physical sense.

RElax in the sand, REenergize on the slopes, REflect in the vineyard, REcharge at the spa, REset off the grid, REconnect on the course – These specific destinations were paired with each RE + built-upon to create a topography of unique environments, each with its own distinct identity, design + menu offerings. 

Each section was anchored by a thematic impact piece, including - a three-sided thatch roof tiki bar,  retro airstream photo booth, breezey cabanas complete with chair masseuses, an alpine ski lift photo opp, an elevated camping tent with interior lounge, tendrils of vines + grape clusters climbing vineyard trellises + garden gates, + a golf cart draped in a whimsical floral + golf ball cascade. 

Guests were encouraged to participate upon entry. Each was given a wooden token on which to write their name. They then encountered a voting station, posing the question. "Where do you RE?"

Acrylic ballot boxes annotated each location, + guests were asked to cast their personal vote to enter to win a raffle prize. The resulting display offered a tangible tally of the group’s collective interests + afforded meeting planners with unique personal insights. A secondary station offered wearable buttons that displayed the guest’s RE selection , graphically. The buttons were a natural conversation-starter for the nearly 900 attending attorneys.  

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