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2-10-22 Duke Realty Reception Decor-022.jpg


An al fresco gala dinner is swathed in soft monochromatics + subtle Sonoran nuance.

2-10-22 Duke Realty Reception Decor-049.jpg

Cascades of candlelight beckon guests to a lawn blanketed in a net of neutral tones + textural divergence. Luxe materials –  alabaster, brass + velvets – met raw woods + desert grasses.

The classicism of dramatic king’s tables was tempered by sculptural, modernist compositions of white orchid, reflexed rose, anthurium, driftwood + a glaze of effervescent candlelight.


Anchoring the space – a duo of raw wood pergolas with suspended pampas plumes + spherical, vintage French chandeliers.

2-10-22 Duke Realty Reception Decor-024.jpg
2-10-22 Duke Realty Reception Decor-063.jpg
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