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A 30,000 square foot, tree-shaded lawn was reimagined as a sophisticated country market;

The Farmer’s Emporium.  Resolved in our mission to dispense with the farm’s traditionally-rustic

aesthetic, The Destination Manager turned an eye to Scandinavian design for inspiration. 
A striking spectrum of prismatic colors splashed across the canvas of lush greenery + clean, modern

whites with playful eclecticism.

Anchoring the space, two strikingly-long, 65’ white harvest tables were paired with a rainbow of custom-painted chairs + produce-driven botanicals in celebration of a bountiful farm stand.  Framing the table, modern gardening tools were suspended from towering black trellises above the colorful display.  White-lacquered picnic tables were transformed into statement pieces with the addition of boldly-striped black + white awnings.  Round tables were draped in a farmhouse-striped linen, its simplicity made more interesting by the inclusion of a seemingly-accidental collection of mixed wood + metal bistro chairs.  A live produce wall, set on antique ladder bookcases, became a photo opportunity for most with its astonishing ombré rainbow of fresh corn, beets, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes + kale.

Culinary displays were elevated to art installations, each inviting guests to immerse themselves in the distinctive, farm-to-table offerings.  Our favorite, the Raw Seafood Bar, featured a 16’ canoe displaying a freshly-caught swordfish, + nautical rope walls with hanging wood buoys.  A rebar wall covered in fresh grapes back-dropped a remarkable hanging display of cheese, charcuterie + freshly-baked breads at the Meat + Cheese Monger.  Wagon wheel tables held bushels of salad toppings, a market produce display unto itself.  Sawhorse canopies served as charming accents above confectionery bars, their chalkboard graphic facings reminiscent of those you would find at any food emporium.

Lounge areas featured handsome, bar-framed club chairs paired with white tulip cabaret tables.  Contemporary furniture pieces in tufted denim + weathered pallet wood were juxtaposed with whimsical accents like red Eames rocking chairs + pillows of bright patterns + playful shapes.





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