To indulge a large group with a penchant for exclusivity, we unlocked the doors to a private airplane hangar where guests were indulged in a dramatic departure from the traditional awards gala setting. After arriving to the hangar by police-escort to abbreviate travel time, 600 guests were met by a sea of varied dining tables + plush lounges, dressed with an air of refined opulence.

A cool-toned palette of steel grey + federal blue was presented in a spectrum of textures + applications – luxe velvet, intricate sequin + natural linen coexisted to impart a sense of sophistication with subtle, industrial undertones. Contemporary chrome chairs conveyed an aviation-quality + tabletop compositions introduced canary yellow pops + retro sputniks – a whimsical nod to the era of airplane under-which they dined + danced the evening away.

The two vintage aircraft, Beechcraft C-45Expeditor + North American Snj Advanced WWII  Trainer, also dressed in the evening’s palette, served as a hugely impactful display of form + function at-work. While seemingly at home in the hangar, their stunning grandeur + riveting history were both art piece + museum exhibit, in one.



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