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When selecting the desert as host of their annual conference, a group of 500 sought our design dexterity to reinvent the always-casual cowboy cookout into an elevated awards dinner.  

The brilliant simplicity of the Sonoran backdrop begged for high-drama, a role filled by sharply-pitched, 16’ canvas teepees spanning the length of the main event space. It’s interior featured a collection of dining tables, curated with a neutral color palette of mauve velvet + cocoa paillette linen. 

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King’s tables featured hairpin legs + Navajo sequin runners, it’s contrast effortlessly paired with rough-hewn ghostwood, dotted by fresh blooms + mercury glass.  Mirror-faced bar fronts reflected the desert floor, as if a character all its own, written in to the story of this striking bohemian environment.  Lounge furniture struck a playful note, combining custom-designed pieces in saddle leather, rattan, flokati, rose gold + lucite acrylic for a richly-textured, contemporary aesthetic.





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