A cavalcade of Hummers traversed the Sonoran backcountry through towering Saguaro forests + desert dry-washes. With custom canteens in-hand, the 90 passengers embraced the spirit of exploration + reveled in the rugged, off-road jaunt before landing at camp. Their destination: an understated desert barn, elevated to convey the subdued luxury of a Safari lodge.

The barn doors retracted to reveal rows upon rows of 10’ blonde wood king’s tables + Wegner-esque wishbone chairs with sprouting floral composition of wild desert pampas grass + protea. Woven rattan chargers, brass lanterns + a collection of vintage binoculars layered tabletop texture + a sense of worldly wanderlust. 

Vintage wood bars + hutches infused seemingly-collected, residential appeal, while fire-side lounges married linen slipcovered sofas with woven leather chairs + vintage traveler’s trunks stamped with vintage travel stickers.


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